SNS Pedicure

Standard - Rio 24Gg - Gold Glass White

$3,200.00 $2,600.00 Sale
Màu: White

The Rio 24 Glass is a stylish fiberglass pedicure spa that features a beautiful JADE bowl & flat 3 level FOOTREST

P24 with build in remote, usb charger, purse holder + smart button technician can control chair no need to stand up.

This sharp and classy spa will add a touch of modernity and grace to your salon.

The Rio Pedicure is acetone-resistant and includes a protective gel-coating that guards the spa and sink from rust and corrosion.

This modern pedicure spa features removable side panels, an adjustable footrest, polished chrome hardware, stainless steel shower hose, built-in LED color therapy light, FREE matching pedicure stool.

In addition, optional drain pumps are available and can be installed onto your spa.

The Rio also includes a premium massage chair of your choice.

Upgrade Option:

Installed Drain Pump (+ $200)

Installed Auto Fill (+ $200)

Installed Vent Pipe (+ $200)  Vent w Fan (+ $400)