Contemporary Acrylic Modern Led Pendant Light 5 Rings


Modern Led Chandelier Lighting Dimmable Black Chandeliers 6 Rings Luxury Contemporary Pendant Light Fixtures for High Ceiling Living Room Foyer

  • Choosing a chandelier is not as easy as you think, they not only illuminate a space, but also add a nice decorative touch. 6 rings modern chandelier is born for high ceiling hanging such as foyer, it is large enough with very simple installation, not need you do any assembly. Dress up your tall entryway high ceiling living room with our elegant led chandelier 6 rings to effectively provide light and enhance visual appeal;
  • An incredible ring chandelier will be the focal point of any room by serving as a decorative style element that enhances the beauty of fine furnishings. Modern led chandeliers for dining room is made of high-quality metal + Acrylic, High light transmittance. Integrated led source can provide extremely brightness above 8500 luminous. Brightness and color temperature can be freely adjusted by the remote control which comes with this modern chandelier.The color temperature dimmable range is 3000K-6500K you will love that you can change it to be warm or cool toned;
  • Getting tired of immutable chandelier? This Larger 6 rings chandelier can be diy to various shapes easily by adjusting the strings via cable locking pins. Let your imagination run free and enjoy your unique chandelier lighting fixture;Efficient LED light source, energy saving, soft light without glare to provide you with a warm and romantic as expected;Ring Size Diameter: 31.5"+23.6”+19.6”+15.7”+11.8”+7.87”, Maximum Hanging: Height Adjustable From 11.8"to 47.2"; The adjustable stainless steel cable thickness up to 1mm;
  • This is dimmable modern led chandelier, high ceiling light fixture;
  • This ring chandelier light fixture can be changed from 3000K to 6500K among white light, natural light to warm light via the remote control offered with the lamps;
  • This stylish contemporary led ceiling lighting fixtures will definitely become a great center piece of your salon.
  • Creative design - Contemporary style dimmable LED ceiling lamp with fashion elegant creative nice for family living room, bedroom ;The ceiling light fixture comes with the complete accessories, just a simple structure and a convenient installation then;
  • LED light source- The modern ceiling light has a new built-in LED chip light source, high brightness, energy saving with an average service life of 50,000 hours, no UV and infrared radiation, protect eyes;
  • Dimming Ceiling Lighting -Dimmable brightness and color to suit your needs. The color is changing gradually from warm white3000K to cool white 6500K through remote control device