SNS Pedicure

Bellagio II Cabinet 90 - BH


The Bellagio II Dip Powder & Nail Polish Cabinet is just that a center piece in your salon that will hold Dip Powder & nail polishes. Make it easy for your customers to select which nail polish they want with the Bellagio II Polish Center. Make this a family set and obtain the whole collection with the Bellagio II Manicure Table and the Bellagio II Nail Dryer Table.


  • WHITE colors 
  • Can stand on the floor with 3 LED light on top
  • Shelf 2 levels can hold 1024 Dip Powder or 2000 nail polish 
  • 12 cabinet can hold another 768 dip powder or 1200 nail polish
  • Total 1792 Dip or  3200 nail polish
  • 4 more big cabinet for storage.
  • Dimensions:     89″1/4 L x 15″W x 80″H
  • Weight:            800 Lbs - 7 boxes
  • Drawer rail long 14 inch = 35cm

Bellagio 2 Collection