SNS Pedicure

A302 Home Use

The SL type back track fits the curve of human body and presents zero gravity state when lying under the back. [Super many massage modes]-With finger pressure, kneading, patting, knocking, kneading and patting synchronous five simulation massage techniques.With characteristic automatic massage function: comfortable, relaxed, whole body, neck and shoulder, back and waist, traction and other six kinds of automatic massage function.It has the upper body manual massage function (local, fixed-point, whole process, neck shoulder, back waist five massage parts selection, each massage technique speed has three adjustable, in fixed-point, local module state, manipulator can up and down position adjustment function; When patting, finger pressing and tapping massage, the width of the massage ball can be selected from wide, medium and narrow. [Foot Massage&Natural energy magnetism]-helps to improve circulation and metabolism while also increasing your overall comfort.The foot airbags squeezing massage and the rollers scraping massage promote blood circulation, speed up your body’s metabolism and improve fatigue for your feet.
  • Small, compact and convenient
  • Easy to Use Remote Control
  • MP3 Music, bluetooth
  • Dim: 58x30x34 inches
  • Weight: 300 lbs